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Do you work in the Building Services?

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Is your industry Building services?

Your CAD challenge

As a mechanical or electrical building service installer, you already face many challenges. You might have to consider multiple building services at once and then:
  1. Your client expects professional drawings but you do not have a CAD department.
  2. The project has many services which should be coordinated prior to installing and NOT whilst installing.

Your solution

What would help is a company that can take this challenge off your hands. A company that can act as your CAD Department. A CAD Services which will engage with all the parties involved and issue professional drawings.

How can we help

At Restoric Design we have a sound understanding of all Building Services. We are able to take a single service and produce 2D drawings from markups or coordinate all Building Services using Building Information Modelling (BIM).
Just let us know your situation and we will assist.


What information can we work from

Red-line mark ups

A red line markup is a drawing that annotates any changes to the existing CAD drawings. The changes are usually drawn by hand or via a PDF markup tool.

Consultant Drawings

The mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are designed by Building services consultants. We use this information to producing fully co-ordinated working drawings that can be used for installation.

What CAD processes/technique do we use for Building services?

2D Drafting

Depending on the project requirements, 2D Drafting of Building services is still very common. 2D Drafting is simply the production of drawing in 2 dimensions, commonly by software systems such as AutoCAD.

BIM Modelling (3D)

Building information modelling (BIM) is a digital 3D Model. Which contains the visual and physical data of a building. This means for example that if the building is intended to be built out of red brick, the 3D Model will not only look like red brick but also have all the physical data such as heat coefficients, quantities, weight etc of the red brick.

What type of files do Building services receive from us?

Combined Services Drawings

Combined Services drawings are fully coordinated MEP drawings showing all services. The services will have been coordinated with each other so the building structure will avoid clashes.

Working drawings

The working drawings are the next step after all services have been coordinated. The working drawings are a set of installation drawings which show a single service. These are used by the installer to physically install the service on site.

As-installed drawings

The installers will usually mark-up any deviations from the working drawings. These red-line drawings are then used to produce a set of As-Installed drawing.

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About Us

We are one of the leading CAD Drafting Services in the UK. Our company has huge experience in 3D CAD Modelling and 2D CAD Drawings.

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About Us

We are one of the leading CAD Drafting Services in the UK. Our company has huge experience in 3D CAD Modelling and 2D CAD Drawings.


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