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Team of Steel Detailers for Fabricators

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Are you a Fabricator?

Your CAD challenge

As a Fabricator, you require Fabrication Drawings to produce your steelwork. Your CAD department is probably stretched (if you have one) and it is not easy or efficient to hire a few people just for a project.

Also, it is not easy to free up the time to manage the people – to assure the quality expectations are kept in line with the project programme.

Your solution

What would help is a company that can take part or a whole project of you – at a fixed price.  A company that understands your challenges – a CAD Services where you can outsource your work to –> Restoric Design.

How can we help

At Restoric Design we have a great respect and understanding of the requirements of fabricators. We are able to take on part or whole project and deliver a comprehensive set of fabrication drawings

We will work with a diverse range of information to produce a derivable you can rely on.

In general, our typical fabrication pack would include:

  • Fabrication drawings
  • Material lists
  • NC files

What information can we work from

Structural Engineers Drawings

Structural Engineers Drawings set out the principle of the design. Which will state all relevant section sizes and connections. This is an essential part of producing a set of Fabrication Drawings.


Sketches used in the Fabrication Industry, are simplified hand drawn drawings or partial 2D CAD Drawings. We use sketches as a basis for simple designs. Where there is no requirement for architects drawing such simple platforms or sheet metal work.

Architects Drawings

The architect’s drawings include the information for setting out the steel sections, top of steel heights and visual appearance. These are used in conjunction with the Structural Engineers drawings, to produce a full set of Fabrication Drawings.

What CAD processes/technique do we use for Fabrication?

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is the reproduction of an existing product by measuring or laser scanning the existing part. Fabricators often have parts of a prototype or old part of which they have no drawings. By reverse engineering and producing a new 3D Model and set of Fabrication Drawings can be produced.

Steel Detailing

Steel Detailing is a specialised part of Computer Generated Design. Our Steel Detailers use structural engineer drawings in conjunction with architects drawings to produce a 3D steel model. The 3D Steel model is then used as a basis for Fabrication Drawings.

3D CAD Modelling

3D CAD modelling is an important part of modern product development. Which provides the basis for design, simulation, and manufacturing of any part and assembly for the manufacturing industry.

What type of files do fabricators receive from us

Fabrication Drawings

Fabrication Drawings are a specific type of drawings. Which are the basis for any Fabricator to produce their steelwork viagra senza ricetta. A full set of Fabrication Drawings usually consist of General Assembly Drawings for information, Assembly Drawings for welding and single part drawings for cutting and drilling.

Material Lists

Materials List are submitted with the Fabrication Drawing pack to assist the purchaser to order the steel. The Material list will contain all materials such sections size length and steel type as well as any nuts, bolts etc. required for the assembly.

NC Files

NC files are data files used directly by CNC Machines. The NC files contain all the data relevant to cutting the steel section to the correct length as well as drilling/punching the correct holes. This means that a fabricator can get all the steel pre-cut and drilled and only has to weld the steels as to the Assembly Drawings.

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About Us

We are one of the leading CAD Drafting Services in the UK. Our company has huge experience in 3D CAD Modelling and 2D CAD Drawings.

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About Us

We are one of the leading CAD Drafting Services in the UK. Our company has huge experience in 3D CAD Modelling and 2D CAD Drawings.


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