How 3D CAD Illustration Services enhance your Marketing Campaign


History of images in advertising

Images have always been a large part of marketing. One would not produce a poster or brochure without an image of the product one is trying to sell. In the early days, prior illustrating computer software, the advertisers would use either photos or hand drawn pictures. An art form which has become

NON CAD Illustration

Early Illustration for automotive marketing

imagesIllustrations developed in sync with advertising and have been dependant on each other since the dawn of advertisements. Prior to the possibility of reproducing and altering photos, advertising was dependant on illustrators to create images to enhance the advertisers message.  The progress and success of the computer and associated imaging software has changed advertising dramatically. Anything can now be created and look realistic. Computer Aided Design Rendering combines the flexibility & creativity of hand illustrations with the realism of photography. CAD Renders basically enable endless possibilities of displaying a product. Hand Drawn Illustration




How images influence or decisions

There are fundamentally different mental processes at work in choice decisions. There is weighung up the alternatives/competitors. But there is another process that consumers and advertisers tend to be less conscious of.

Weighing up the alternatives is one thingWhich alternatives get weighed up is another! That is why creating an image that sticks is worth its weight in gold.”

It is an un-argued fact that images sell. Especially now in the era of mass information one needs to quickly filter through loads of information and make a decision. Understanding the difference of a good quality image and a basic line drawing takes micro seconds and associating the high quality photo realistic image with a high quality item is just sub conscious.

How CAD Renders are now the new illustrations combined with photos

3D CAD Illustrations are produced from 3D CAD Models. CAD Modelling is not restricted by our current manufacturing capabilities. It is possible to produce a CAD Model of something that cannot be made, however anything that can be made can be CAD modelled. 3D CAD Modelling is only limited by the user (and slowed down by depending on software/hardware). Ray traced images produced on the basis of a CAD model combine

  1. Completely life like photo realistic images
  2. Tools within the Software packages to add views such as broken out sections, exploded views, textures….

Further, any component can by shown in any material, colour, texture and also in any environment (background images).       CAD Render with background

How are CAD Renders produced

CAD Renders are based on 3D CAD Models. These models are created in software packages such as Solidworks. The 3D CAD Models are produced by 3D CAD Services such as Restoric Design from either existing parts, 2D Drawings or sketches. Within the Rendering package, materials need to be applied to the individual components & part faces. Most rendering packages come with a library of materials. The library of Restoric Design currently holds over 300 different materials, textures and environments. Once all the materials have been assigned, the individual textures need to be scaled to be life like. Last the environment requires to be set up. This includes setting out the virtual lighting, background and cameras. This work can either be done in the most of medium/higher end 3D CAD Packages (Solidworks, Inventor, NX…)  or third party Rendering Packages (Keyshot, 3DS, Maya….and many more),

Ray Traced Imaging enables consistent quality

Not only great quality is important, as vital is consistently. This is why chains such as Pizza Express are so successfully. Its consistently of a certain quality all over the country. This might be an off topic comparison, but I believe it points out the importance of consistency.

The images that sell our costumers products need not only be of high quality but of consistent quality.

Once a 3D CAD Model has been produced the virtual cameras & lights can be constraint (fixed) by numeric values. The surface finishes are defined by material libraries. Every image will be of the same quality as the one before.

Computer Generated Images (CGI) give next to limitless flexibility

As these images are virtual there is  no gravity, friction, light etc. to contend with. Component assemblies can be illustrated in a manner which would not be possible under the laws of physics. This means that details of functions and complexity can be produced and illustrated in manner greatly assisting the marketing campaign.

3D CAD Rendering is cost effective

CAD Product IllustrationProfessional photographers are not cheap & existing components are not perfect. In the majority of mechanical components and products 3D CAD models (or 2D Drawings) already exist. It will therefore be cheaper to produce renders from 3D CAD models then engaging a professional photographer to take individual images and the required rework. The CAD render will always be of better quality than a photograph.

Get an image of a product prior its production

Product Render - JoystickGetting product to market has several stage and takes considerable time. Prior to the costly stage of prototyping, 3D CAD Rendering Services can create ray traced images which are completely photorealistic. These images can assist in the selection of different concepts or be an aid in gaining additional funding.

3D Rendering Services such as Restoric Design specialise in producing photo realistic images from 3D CAD Models. Restoric Design has assisted several of their clients marketing departments with producing high quality 3D Renders.

Steve Townsend, Service Manager, Dekomed:  “we had a requirement for photo realistic renders of our products. The renders produced by Restoric Design where of very high quality and we would have no hesitation using them in the future…(more)”

Bruce Mowbray, Systems & Operations Manager, Geosynthetics:  “I approached Restoric Design to help improve one of our installation brochures. We were previously using 2D images but Tristan and his team were able to create new 3D images that have greatly improved the brochure….(more)





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