How to get a 3D Print made?


This article describes the process required to obtain a STL file. 3D Print companies cannot produce a 3D Print without this file. One requires a 3D CAD Modelling Services such as Restoric Design to produce a STL file køb cialis.

Our customers have often contacted 3D Print companies prior to us to get their product 3D printed. They have always received the same answer:

We need a STL file

The popularity of 3D printing as greatly increased over the last few years. Most people have now heard of 3D printing but are not sure how to get something 3D printed.


What is a STL file

STL (STereoLithography) is a file format native to the stereolithography CAD software created by 3D CAD Systems. 3D CAD Services such as Restoric Design produce 3D CAD Models which can be exported in a STL file format.


How to get a STL file

A 3D CAD Modelling Services will produce a 3D CAD Model which can be exported as a STL file.

3D CAD Modelling Services

Step 1 – Produce a 3D CAD Model

Contact a 3D CAD Modelling Service such as Restoric Design with a 2D Drawing, a sketch or a design specification and they will convert this into a 3D CAD Model.

The CAD Model will be produced in 3D Modelling software packages such as Solidworks

3D CAD Model

3D CAD Model



Step 2 – Export as a STL File

A reputable CAD Services should not charge extra for this as it is a “SAVE AS” option.

Save As STL

Save As STL


Step 3 – Contact 3D Print Company

You can either contact 3D Print companies yourself or request the CAD Services to do this. Restoric Design have trusted suppliers for their 3D printing jobs to ensure best cost and quality.


Cost of 3d Printing

The cost of 3D printing has massively reduced in the last 10 years. Where a decade ego it was a novelty to use Rapid Prototyping aka 3D printing it is now common practice for prototyping.


Most companies work on a XYZ Data (ie length x width x height) to calculate their pricing. This means complex shapes that would add the cost in traditional machining applications do not make a difference in 3D Printing.


3D Wire frame model of a simple box

3D Wireframe model of a simple box

3D Wireframe Model with features

3D Wireframe Model with features











So which one is more expensive?

Both boxes are the same size (100x50x50mm).



3D Print Cost - Plain Box

3D Print Cost – Plain Box


3D Print Cost - Feature Box

3D Print Cost – Feature Box




In Summary – if you would like to get a 3D print made –> Contact a 3D CAD Modelling Services first

Restoric Design is a CAD Services based on the UK who provide a 3D CAD Modelling Services. Should you require any assistance please contact us on 01262 429 707 or



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