How to make an enquiry with a professional CAD Services


As one of the UK’s most successful professional CAD Services, Restoric Design get a high quantity of new enquiries every day. These enquiry are made either via phone or email.

However, we do sometimes get enquiries which simply to not include sufficient information for us to assist with further.

I need a CAD Drawing – how much will this cost?

Why is a good enquiry important?

An enquiry that does not include sufficient detail can have two results

  1. No response
  2. Priced to high (if there is not a lot of information the job will be costed with a higher risk/contingency)
  3. Priced the wrong service

I believe as much effort should be put into the enquiry as we put into our quotes

What information should be provided?

It always assist us if an enquiry includes initial sketches, drawings or images. These can be taken from a mobile phone if no scanner is to hand. This depends on the service required.

Also, the enquiry should always state what full information you have

What will the CAD Drawings we produce be used for?

It is relevant to us to know what the drawings will be used  for (prototyping, marketing, manufacture etc.)  as this effects the amount of detail within the CAD Model,  CAD Modelling techniques and choice of CAD Software.

What professional CAD Service do you require?

We understand that sometimes you simply don’t know what you require and we will be happy to guide you on our Services. However, if you do know it helps us if you simply state 3D CAD Model from an existing part or Fabrication Drawing etc.

Please see the image below for our most popular CAD Services we have to offer.

Professional CAD Services

Professional CAD Services

In summary, when you make an enquiry with a professional CAD Services, please cover the following points:

  1. Include a relevant drawing, image or hand sketch
  2. State what the drawing/image will be used for
  3. State what other information you have
  4. State what type CAD Services you would like (if known)

Enquiries can be made by phone on 01462 429 707 or via email



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