What is Product Visualisation?

Product Visualisation is a method of creating Computer Generated Images (CGI) of existing products using a rendering software application. 3D Visuals enable a perfect digital illustration of a product or part for marketing. They enable the best features to be represented in a photo realistic image, with exceptional quality.

How are 3D Visualisations created?

3D Visuals are images created from 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) Models. These Models are created in Software Programs such as Solidworks (& many others).

Once the CAD Model has been created it is imported into a Rendering Software Package such as Keyshot. Often the 3D CAD Model is already available as these will have been used as a basis for production/manufacture.

Within the rendering software the 3D CAD Model is applied with all the materials associated with the product in real life.

Then the environment is set up. This includes selecting a background, general lighting scheme and floor layout.

The background can be an image, a set colour or a gradient colour scheme.

3D CGI of a Crane set in a factory bacground

The floor can be any colour, displaying shading of the product and/or be reflective.

The lighting is probably the most complex part of rendering a product. Selecting the correct lighting can be the difference of the result looking professional or not. The lighting can consist of several lighting types in shining multiple directions to give the best required result.

What are the benefits of CGI Images?

Computer Generated Images (CGI) display the product how it should look. It is very difficult and costly to take an image of product (with a camera) and display it a perfect manner. There are no limitations to lighting, materials condition and viewing angles ed-hrvatski.com. The image can be generated from any camera view possible. There is no gravity to limit a camera view angle.

Further, the images of a product range can be completely consistent. Same materials, same lighting and identical viewing angles.

Product Visual - Same Viewing Angle in White Product Visual - Same Viewing Angle in blue Product Visual - Same Viewing Angle in red Product Visual - Same Viewing Angle in green

Pipe Sectional Cut View

The cost and quality of the images is the reason why they are now the preferred choice for marketing. Further, 3D Product Renders can be generated of products which have not been produced yet. These photo-realistic concept images are fundamental part of launching a product idea.

Besides limitless camera angles, one can also create views which are not physically possible int eh real world environment. Such as Exploded Views and Sectional Views.

Digital Illustration of a exploded Pocket Watch

What applications are 3D Visuals used for?

The majority of digital illustrations are used for marketing existing products. This can either be on:

  • Websites (see example JC’s work for VIP Polymers here)
  • Catalog/Brochure (see example JC’s work for Geosynthtics here)
  • Concept (see example JC’s work for Furrer + Frey here)
  • Architectural (see example of JC’s work for PS Construction here)

Restoric Design creates outstanding 3D Visualisations

At Restoric Design Limited we either create new 3D CAD Models or use provided 3D CAD Files to create professional 3D Renders. Our services have been used on multiple occasion to assist our clients in the marketing efforts. For more information please call us on 01462 429 707 or email us on info@jensen-consulting.co.uk. Our Product Visualisation Service will enhance your marketing strategy.

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