Is your business sitting on a hugely valuable asset without unlocking its potential? As remarkable as it sounds, many companies today still retain a vast library of 2D drawings yet to be updated to be better used by modern manufacturing methods. By converting your old library of 2D drawings to 3D, you can activate the value of this asset by giving yourself an up-to-date library of designs which can be used in a variety of different ways and functions better suited to the modern market, whether your intention is to find a new way of more efficiently manufacturing your products or simply allowing them to be shown as fully rendered, photo-realistic 3D models.


2D Drawing Drawing j

While 3D printing may be catching the headlines, it can be equally important to update old 2D drawings to make them compatible in standard CNC machines too. Assets left in 2D form are effectively hugely restricted in their uses, and struggle to fit modern manufacturing methods. With CNC and 3D printing developing constantly in their efficiency and reliability, and new possibilities opening up all the time, updating 2D drawings to be rendered in 3D unlocks them as potential assets for both 3D printing and CNC, allowing them to be produced much more cheaply and efficiently.

3D CAD Model

Although there can be a wide variety of original 2D formats and 3D output formats, even a paper drawing is sufficient for a detailed and effective conversion. These can then be converted to formats suitable for CNC machines, 3D printers or even animation suites. With technology developing at a rapid rate in all of these fields, there’s never been a better time to unlock the maximum potential from 2D libraries.

With 3D printing constantly pushing new boundaries of creation and offering ever faster turnaround times, old designs newly optimised for 3D printing can vastly increase the viability of the designs to be converted into existing products. The technology is becoming increasingly ubiquitous and used for a wider and wider variety of industries and products: by getting on board now with your older designs, you can update your library to match the current market and bring your company into the modern era.

And it’s not just manufacturing, either. 3D Models can be rendered in animation suites to make them more sellable products. The detailed, photorealistic rendering offers a variety of uses, although allows some complex designs to be shown from a variety of different angles, as well as an ‘exploded’ view to show each individual component separately, giving a better idea of the finished product and offering a far more eye-catching and informative way to showcase designs. These designs can even be published against a realistic set background, giving an even better idea of their use in a real life environment.

3D CAD Render

By pairing the two of these together, allowing designs to be manufactured far more quickly and cheaply while also offering a more clear and detailed image of what they look like and how they can be used, old dormant designs can become valuable and modern products that can be geared to a wide variety of different clients.

We can offer a quote to convert any library of old 2D drawings to 3D formats for a variety of purposes, tailoring our method and format for your specific uses, whether it’s 3D rendering, CNC or for 3D printing, giving you something perfectly optimised to your specific needs. By taking advantage of your old assets through taking advantage of new technology, you may be able to unlock some of the biggest assets you didn’t even know you had.

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