Video is huge. According to Facebook, 100 million hours of video are watched by 500 million viewers every single day. Add in the figures for YouTube where 4,950,000,000 videos are watched daily and you’ll appreciate why video is now an essential component of any company’s web marketing content.

So where does CAD fit into the equation? By using 3D Visuals, you can create online marketing content like explainer videos and product tours that engage your audience in a way that static 2D drawings can’t. Another statistic to remember is that viewers retain over 90% of the information they’ve seen in a video 72 hours after they’ve seen it. That level of information retention is valuable when you’re marketing sophisticated products and design concepts.

How do you describe your design concept?

For purchasers, understanding how a design concept works in the real world is key to making purchasing decisions. Product visualisation uses rendering and animation to bring a product to life through photo realistic imaging of exceptional quality. 3D animations are perfect for product launches and describing your design concepts, as well as producing those all-important explainer videos and product tours.

Will 3D CAD benefit your company?

Before you start to explore the benefits of 3D CAD for marketing, you’ll need to make a solid business case for why your company needs the technology at all.

• Where are the bottlenecks that might benefit from 3D CAD to improve efficiency?
• How might manufacturing benefit from 3D CAD in terms of taking products directly to market with greater accuracy?
• How will 3D imaging impact on brochures and online marketing?
• How can you improve collaboration and reuse designs and components efficiently across the design process?

If you find that there are roadblocks to the adoption of 3D rendering and animation in your company, particularly in terms of perceived difficulty or cost, then you should consider CAD outsourcing.

For some schematics, 2D CAD may remain the best choice for your company, and 3D CAD can often leverage existing 2D designs for conversion to 3D. However, 3D CAD has obvious benefits for engineers who can quickly and easily identify problems and issues by using 3D visualisations, and for marketers who can create exciting visual content for brochures and online marketing.

Why do I need CAD animation for online content?

• A good explainer video will clarify the purpose and function of a product or design concept. They’re an excellent way to track interest through video metrics and will boost SEO through Google’s algorithms that measure how long a viewer has stayed on your website.
• By using CAD’s rendering and animation functionality to create 3D images, not only can you optimise and validate your product throughout the design process but you can present a fully functioning concept to your video audience.
• CAD animation gives potential purchasers the opportunity to take an extensive tour of your product or design concept, using exploded views and 360-degree rotations.
• Existing 2D CAD files can often be leveraged in the production of animated 3D content, making it cost-effective. In fact, 52% of marketers worldwide say video content offers the best ROI when you’re bringing a new product to market.
• Videos generate increased interest and engagement with viewers and significantly increase conversion rates, with 64% of purchasers saying they are more likely to buy a product when they’ve watched an explainer video.

If you’re interested in leveraging the power of CAD animation to create product tours and explainer videos for your company, contact us and Restoric Design can help you put together animations that will improve your SEO and give you the competitive edge.

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