One of the most popular programs for use in the CAD sector is Solidworks. Developers Dassault Systems regularly release new updates and the latest one has just come out in October 2017. The all-new version 26 of the software contains brand-new functions and features taken directly from user feedback. These changes continue the industry-leading reputation of Solidworks while also give your team the tools to work faster and better.

Let’s take a look at 5 of the most eye-catching new features in Solidworks 2018:

1. Enhanced user experience

One key element that Dassault have incorporated into the new version is a response to feedback from the many Computer Aided Design engineers who regularly use the program. A dedicated touch-screen mode has been included to fully answer the emerging 21st-century needs of the user. The ability for CAD engineers to freehand sketch with their pen is a great bonus alone but the way Solidworks 2018 then automatically turns these pen strokes into shapes is stunning. The flexibility this gives to your employees is superb and means they can get ideas down faster, wherever they may be.

2. Intelligent design optimisation

Sometimes when working with previous versions, engineers could find it hard to get the exact dimensions they wanted in the shapes they created. In this latest version of Solidworks, this is helped greatly by the inclusion of an automatic optimisation tool. This will optimise the shape of any design based on weight, function and manufacturing criteria. In an added bonus, you can use the manufacturing constraints to improve product performance or reduce product weight. This all adds up to a greater control and power when constructing designs and also a much more streamlined workflow for engineers.

3. Flexible data connectivity

There can be nothing more frustrating in the world of CAD design that having a file in a format that you can’t actually work with! This not only leads to high levels of annoyance but also a slowing down in the design process. In the new Solidworks 2018, this is greatly reduced as many file formats such as STL, ACIS and IGES can be worked with seamlessly. In addition, the 3D interconnect feature automatically updates your design if new files come in, which is another way this new version can help your team work smarter and more efficiently.

4. Tab and slot function

This new feature is outstanding for working on sheet metal drawings and one of the best new updates Dassault have included. It lets your engineers automate the creation of tab and slot functions which are to be used for the self-fixturing parts for welding in any design. Solidworks 2018 also has other updates in this specific area such as a brand-new Normal Cut function which helps ensure proper clearances are maintained for manufacturing and helps avoid any costly mistakes.

5. Excellent project management tools

As a manager, keeping on top of all the various projects within your organisation is key ניתן למצוא בדף זה. Solidworks 2018 can help with this immensely due to the powerful project and process management tools it contains. These capabilities in Solidworks PDM Professional, along with the item management feature, allow for you to ensure all projects are running to schedule and identify any potential issues in advance.

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