AutoCAD is an important tool for many architects and engineers to produce architectural drawings with. As one of the premier software applications for the CAD process, it is a very powerful tool to have for 2D draftings or more complex as installed drawings. Normally every spring sees the release of an updated version of the software and thus AutoCAD 2019 is now with us.

Of course, this is an exciting time for businesses and engineers who use AutoCAD for architectural drawings. A new update means new features to help you work faster and smarter. The 2019 version of AutoCAD is no exception and there are some cool new features to check out.

We take a look at a few of the most prominent that could really boost your productivity.

Shared views

This is probably the one new feature that has made the most noise. Although it does represent quite a change in how you may collaborate with stakeholders, it is a very exciting update. In previous versions of the software, you would have to typically convert any files you wish to share with other people into a PDF format.

Naturally, this could prove annoying and also cost you valuable time. Shared views in AutoCAD 2019 instead lets you share any files with the click of a button. You then get a link to share with relevant stakeholders on a project which they can then mark up and view in any web browser.

Specialised toolsets

Another major update to the 2019 version of AutoCAD is the introduction of specialised toolsets, otherwise known as One AutoCAD. This sees the toolsets that were previously only in individual product lines (such as AutoCAD architecture) all included within the one main AutoCAD product. This is great as it brings all the toolsets you may need on a project into the one place and ready to use when needed in producing schematics.

This feature is a great help for transferring designs from paper to CAD. Just one word of warning – it is not always the case that existing users will get this feature when they resubscribe. It is wise to check with your reseller first to be sure.

New drawing compare tool

Many AutoCAD users within the construction and engineering industries will love this new feature. As with all drawing comparison tools, this will allow you or your engineers to compare two drawings and find any differences easily. Within AutoCAD 2019, this tool can specify different colours to help really highlight the differences found for clarity. You will also be able to place a revision cloud around what has changed between the two drawings, which is very handy. All in all, it makes comparing drawings much simpler.

New, intuitive interface

Along with the above specific updates, AutoCAD 2019 also sees a new user interface come into play. It goes for a flatter design in the icons on-screen which many find easier to work with. The developers have also slightly changed the way that currently enabled toggles are shown on the ribbon bar. They are now shown via a blue background if the icon is enabled which many find clearer than the previous glowing effect. Overall, the new interface gives a very clean and effective look to AutoCAD 2019.

Let us help with AutoCAD

Here at Restoric Design, we are experts in the use of AutoCAD and offer world-class CAD services. We can use this powerful tool to professionally render any sketch or drawing into a precise schematic. We can take your existing drawings and use our AutoCAD skills to help them come to life. We pride ourselves on not only our efficient and professional work but also our customer service. We will work with you to deliver the results you desire when it comes to AutoCAD.

Get in touch with Restoric Design today and let us help with all your AutoCAD and building services needs.

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