If your business needs effective software to create a 3D CAD model then Solidworks is a name that you may have heard of. Many designs and engineering companies use this for 2D to 3D modelling in a bid to more accurately transfer any sketch from paper to CAD. This 3D modelling approach offers a much more immersive and realistic design solution when creating designs or structures.

But what is so great about Solidworks and why do so many design businesses choose to use it?

Superb efficiency built-in as standard

The way that the Solidworks software has been designed is great for making any kind of 3D CAD model easier and more efficient to create. Taking existing drawings and turning them into quality 3D drawing is very smooth thanks to the parametric modular approach it enables.

Engineers can easily amend any design in it at any point in the process and use innovative features like PhotoView 360 to create 3D designs that accurately show how any structure will look when built. The ability to look at each individual piece of the design process in Solidworks will also allow your team to pick up any problems early and sort them out to speed up the whole design process overall.

Widely used within the industry

The chances are that most projects any design business undertakes will require some form of collaboration with other designers or architects along the way. With this in mind, you need CAD software that is widely used within the sector to make the whole process easier and faster. Having to translate files from one system over to a different one to share is a real headache you don’t want! Using a popular CAD system will eliminate this and avoid any errors made with file translation, save time on converting files and avoid old drawing being worked on by mistake.

Fabulous applications

One thing that most people love about this 3D CAD software for manufacturing is the many useful applications it contains. These make the whole design process much quicker with better end results for customers. There are integrated tools to help with automation and design analysis along with the ability to help simulate different factors like vibrations.

It also has a great product data management application that is fantastic if you have more than one designer working on a project. This is a great feature that makes collaboration much more effective and efficient with the ability to organize files within a drawing and re-using an existing physical part that has already been set up in manufacturing drawings.

Easy to learn

Some CAD or CAE software can involve a steep learning curve but Solidworks is not one of them. Time is key for any business and all will want a piece of software that allows designers to get working with it instantly. Moving to 3D CAD should be simple and stress-free which is what this software offers. The interface is very intuitive and easy to pick up for new users. Even better there are lots of tutorials within Solidworks itself that can help out if any of your team does get stuck. Don’t be fooled though – although great to use, it is still a very powerful tool with many layers of features to be uncovered.

Need some Solidworks help? Call Restoric Design today

There is no doubt that Solidworks is an excellent 3D CAD tool which can help you create some very impressive process and plant drawings for your clients. If you need expert help in getting the best 3D models made in this software then call Restoric Design today. We are a world-class name in the field and have many years of experience in using Solidworks to create amazing 3D models.

We also offer a whole range of other CAD services from reverse engineering to marketing, photorealistic renders or process and plant services. Call today and see how the premier name in CAD services can help your business out.

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