When you’re working with someone to construct their dream home, it’s likely that there will be all sorts of different considerations rushing through yours and your client’s mind at any given moment, ranging from fantasies of palatial balustrades, to visions of the perfect flower arrangement for the garden.

Our homes are naturally incredibly near and dear to us, and represent domains where we should be as “in control” as possible, and where we should be able to unwind after a long day, and appreciate a heightened degree of comfort.

To that end, creating a dream home is likely to be an extremely personal and serious process. It’s not enough that you are able to help your client to turn their home into a reasonably comfortable environment to spend their time in – it’s got to be the kind of place that really feels like it’s “theirs”.

Because of the sheer importance of properly designing your client’s dream home, much thought is typically paid to the kinds of materials used in the construction, or renovation, of such a home. But, out of all the different materials you might propose to use, there are some excellent reasons why utilising expert steel detailing services, and having steel features incorporated into the home, is an excellent idea.

Here are just a few of the striking benefits of using steel features in the construction of a dream home.

It’s truly durable, like just about nothing else

In recent times, there have been various highly-publicised movements against the industry practice and phenomenon known as planned obsolescence.

To cut a long story short, planned obsolescence refers to the situation where particular features, products, and services are designed to have a set “lifespan” from the outset. In other words, everything works fine for X number of years and then breaks down in dramatic fashion, requiring you (or your client) to go back to the retailer and spend more money on an upgrade or replacement.

Planned obsolescence is perhaps most often seen in terms of things like digital electronic goods (think smartphones), but it’s also evident in regards to home features of various sorts.

Flatpack furniture, for example, is an example of a common home feature that is typically prey to the planned obsolescence model.

By getting some high-quality steel detailing work done, and incorporated into a home, however, you are going in exactly the opposite direction to the planned obsolescence model, and are helping your client to create a dream home that can truly withstand the test of time.

Steel is truly durable and timeless, like just about nothing else. It’s virtually impossible to break – and it certainly isn’t going to expire in a hurry.

It’s timeless and trend-resistant

Certain bold and flashy design features will invariably be linked to particular trends that will come and go in a heartbeat, and that you can’t count on if you want to create a home that remains timelessly classic and attractive.

As a general rule, steel features are timeless and trend-resistant. They can be incorporated into various styles, and they are essentially never “out of fashion” per se.

If you create a balcony, or gate, worked ornately in high-quality steel, you can be sure that the odds are slight at best that anyone will ever visit the home in question and think “oh, that’s so last year.”

Certain materials just stand the test of time, and steel is one of those.

Steel is an extremely versatile material to work with, in addition to the fact that it is highly durable. Not only does the basic look of the material itself seem timeless, but it can be adapted to an incredible number of different styles, and applied to many different functions.

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