We all know where we stand when it comes to generic building design, or setting requirements for steel detailing in staircases, balustrades and balconies. For things you do the same every day – or decisions that are designed to fit function over form – the need to invest in external services isn’t so pressing. But with businesses and private clients more interested in creating commercial and residential properties that are unique and have their stamp, the need for excellent drafting services is more critical than ever before.

Is completely custom work a requirement of your daily job? Perhaps you’ve been brought on-board for an unusual or brand-new innovative project, and you’re not sure how to start. With the support of external experts, ensuring that steel detailing is on-point, looks great and meets all structural requirements is easier than you might have thought. Here are just a few reasons why investing in steel detailing drafting might be the edge you need to win that contract, impress that client or exceed expectations:

Reduce time requirements by using the experts

Often, it can seem more practical to complete steel detailing drafts in-house to save on costs and reduce outsourced work. While this may be the case for more straightforward or repeated design work, the in-house time commitment involved in creating functional and aesthetically fitting work is a different matter. It can often lead to delays and can even cause frustration and issues with the completion of designs to the standard of your client. Outsourcing unique features or more complex design work to the experts can ensure the job is achieved to the highest standard, and that it also meets all safety regulations as standard. Unique design work that stands out and does things differently takes time, but by outsourcing, that time can be passed on to someone else; allowing you to get on with the rest of the work in the meantime.

Offer designs that speak to your fabricators

One of the significant advantages of working with a professional team for the creation of unique features is the ability to quickly and easily standardise those drafts to fit the understanding of your fabricators. For more complex or less conventional designs, it pays to ensure that draft work is of the best possible standard, and that it makes complete sense to your fabricators. A large part of steel detailing design is the ability to translate that 2D image into a 3D, real-life setting. Working with professionals can ensure you can achieve all of that, and that every design translates as your client wishes. A service that can communicate with fabricators, and offer insight into unique design features, is the perfect fit for just about any complicated job.

Brand out in your business

If you feel your business is being held back by your lack of flexibility, but you don’t have the time or money to invest in training that may be useful for only one particular job, then outsourcing is precisely what you need. Steel detailing is necessary for the majority of builds, but unique features and intricate designs are anything but the norm. By choosing to work with a company that specialises in creating steel detailing drafting, you can take on work that may not even have been possible for your team before. Branch out, and take advantage of the services out there to offer even more to your clients than you’ve been able to in the past.

If you’ve got an upcoming project that requires unique features in steel detailing, then outsourcing is your best bet. Our steel detailing drafting service provides fabrication drawings of the highest quality for even the most complicated of designs. Contact us today to find out more about how we could help you.

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