Structural steel detailing is a vital process that demands almost 99 percent accuracy. The smallest error can have a significant impact on the timescales and costs involved in a structural engineering project.

Construction projects, such as the erection of commercial, residential and industrial buildings and shipbuilding all use structural steel detailing as a vital and obligatory process. Steel detailing provides an essential communications link that connects professionals, including architects, fabricators and others, all of whom are collectively and individually responsible for high degrees of accuracy at each stage of the project.

Depending on the nature of the project, you must employ engineers who can provide in-depth CAD drawings as required. For that reason, you will need to outsource those services to a professional company that employs specialists in that field.

Our people

Here at Jenson Consulting, we employ exceptionally well-qualified engineers who possess academic degrees in civil and structural detailing. Our people also have extensive experience and in-depth technical expertise in structural steel detailing. And these talented specialists are skilled in core competencies, such as detailing, design, and drafting.

A professional structural design team can analyse the most intricate design issues and provide solutions that work to help keep your project on track, on time, and on budget.

These team members have an impressive spread and depth of knowledge in diverse areas, including:

  • Civil engineering
  • Architecture
  • Structural engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Plumbing/mechanical design

Also, our engineers are conversant in the use of different construction materials, including concrete and steel.

Advantages of outsourcing steel detailing services

So, what are the benefits of using a professional steel detailing services company for your project?

Top-quality drawings

Structural steel is used in the construction of industrial units, bridges, homes, and more. Detailing services require complex drawings, and if you don’t have anyone in your team who can use 2D and 3D drawing software, you’ll need to outsource.

Working with a professional, experienced engineer ensures that you get the detailed, high-quality drawings you need for your contractors. Also, a walk-through model of the finished product is invaluable so that everyone involved can see how the project should look on completion.

Time savings

Creating numerous details and drawings takes time. Instead of tying up your team, you can outsource the work to professional steel detailing services company, freeing up your people to work on their particular specialisms.

Budget savings

Outsourcing steel detailing services can make you a significant cost saving on your projects.

For a start, you won’t need to hire an engineer and spend out on CAD software if you outsource. That means that your needs are met without the hassle of having to recruit someone for services that you might not often need.

Improved reporting

One significant benefit to be gained from outsourcing steel detailing sources is that you will receive better reporting.

When premier software is used, many useful reports are created, including gather sheets, material summaries, etc.

That ensures everyone working on the project is a party to the same information. Those working in finance can use the reports for budgeting purposes, and contractors working within fabrication can understand precisely what needs to be created.

Quality tools

Using a professional steel detailing service means that you will have more tools available. Drawings can be integrated into several systems that can be used by fabrication contractors during the construction phase of the project and by facilities managers once the project is complete.

In summary

Outsourcing steel detailing services to an experienced professional company can bring many benefits to your projects. You’ll make cost and time savings, as well as enjoying top-quality, highly accurate drawings, and improved reporting.

To find out how our professional steel detailing services could benefit your project, contact one of our helpful team today.

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