With every new year comes a brand new set of trends to push designers and builders. As such, the business of architectural steelwork is set to hit a renaissance and, with it, this means new challenges for those in the business of architectural steel drafting and detailing. But what sort of trends and big ideas will this year bring? Read on to learn more about what 2020 has to offer for the world of steel.

1. Industrial style in the modern home

Previously, steelwork has been limited to larger commercial businesses, or those going for a certain modern, hipster vibe. However, in 2020, this is all set to change. More and more home designers are approaching steel drafters for advice on how to incorporate steel into the modern home – namely, the kitchen, living room, and the bathroom. This could be in the form of ceiling beams or a statement piece made from steel – but, no matter what it is, designers are looking for new and unusual ways to spice up a modern home.

This could present some new challenges for architectural drafters due to the intricacies that are bound to arise. However, this simply presents a chance to enhance your skills! Producing a detailed set of fabrication drawings for a new set of modern homes could be a great addition to your portfolio.

2. Minimalism is being redesigned

Previously, minimalism was seen in purely aesthetic terms – that is, plain blocks of clean colour, sharp lines, and geometric shapes. However, that’s all set to change in 2020. Minimalism in steelwork is now being seen in the quality of steel being used – this is something to keep in mind when drafting up plans. Essentially, the higher quality the steel, the cleaner the finish, and thus the more minimal it will look. Using lower quality steel will produce a more worn, rustic aesthetic; however, this isn’t inherently a bad thing, because there’ll be some projects suited to this.

3. Recycling hits an all-time high

Thanks to the tragic events caused by global warming in 2019, more and more eco-alternatives are finding their way into every industry. This includes architectural steel designing, detailing and drafting. One such alternative that has already begun to rise in popularity is that of using recycled materials. Rather than forking out for fresh sheets of steel, instead, consider sourcing reusable materials when drafting up your fabrications. Not only will this be cheaper for your company in the long run, but it’s also less damaging to the environment and the planet we inhabit. It’s a win-win situation!

One of the challenges that may arise when working with recycled steel material is how to source enough to fit with your requirement. Obviously, the larger the scale of the project, the more tricky this will become. However, if you build up your relationship with a bank of steel suppliers then this shouldn’t pose too much of a problem.

Choose Restoric Design

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Get in touch with Restoric Design today to have expert advice and consultation on all your steelwork needs.

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