“CAT Ladder” is a term that sometimes refers to a ladder whose use is for working on sloping roofs. Typically, they have a set of hooks at one end to anchor the ladder, and steps to spread the weight of the person working on a sloping roof. Americans refer to this type of ladder as a Chicken Ladder.

Within the construction industry, however, “CAT ladder” is a generic term that describes a much wider range of access solution ladders. Some, for example, are permanently fixed ladders that connect multiple levels. In many instances, CAT ladders provide access to the roofs of buildings, both residential and industrial.

The specific problems regarding the steel detailing of objects needed for working at height

Working at height is one of the most common causes of fatal accidents both in the home and in the workplace. It is therefore essential to ensure that the steel detailing of permanent, high access ladders is done by a professional company like Restoric Design, working to EEMUA Publication 105 safety standards.

CAT Ladders at their most basic

The majority of CAT ladders are designed for installation on the exterior of buildings where frequent or infrequent roof access is required. Their use often facilitates or enables roof repairs or roof maintenance work to be carried out.

CAT ladders are usually quite basic in design. Many are made using hot-dipped galvanised steel for long-lasting external use. The most basic types of CAT ladders have side plates made from flat steel bar and rungs formed from round steel bar, with many having safety hoops bolted to them to prevent workers falling off at height https://cz-lekarna.com/.

Addressing the complexity of design

Some CAT ladders can be quite complex in their construction and therefore require the services of an architectural steel drawing company to produce the necessary structural steel drawing work. These more complex CAT ladders often require breakpoints to be designed in. These are to form landing platforms which provide resting areas.

In some instances, the installation of CAT ladders follows a zig-zag pattern. This is useful not only when designing in breakpoints but it also helps to prevent long falls from height. You can get a good idea of the complexity of some CAT ladder installations from the video on the EEMUE.org website (https://www.eemua.org/Film.aspx0.

The need to employ a highly professional, reputable structural steel detailing company

The higher the span of a CAT ladder, the greater the propensity for serious and fatal accidents. It means that the fabrication drawings and connection design calculations must be done by a structural steel drawing company that has the appropriate experience and qualifications, plus an impeccable reputation – a company like us here at Restoric Design.

Architects and builders need to see projections of what the finished CAT ladder installation will look like. If you commission us here at Restoric Design to supply the steel detailing, the first thing we will do is to create a fully compliant 3D CAD model of the CAT ladder and its connectivity.

Because the slightest error can have significant implications for the final installation, our steel detailing will be accurate to within almost 99%.

About Restoric Design

To ensure that our clients get precisely what they need from the steel fabrication drawings we supply, Restoric Design only employs exceptionally well-qualified engineers. They all have academic degrees in both civil and structural detailing.

When you contract the services of Restoric Design, you can rest assured that you will receive top-quality, highly detailed drawings that all relevant contractors can share. We can even provide you with a walk-through model so you can see precisely how the finalised installation will look.

If you need steel detailing for a project involving a CAT ladder installation, call Restoric Design today on 01462 514 300 or email us at info@jensen-consulting.co.uk.

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