Sometimes, businesses have staff problems created through illness. Given the current COVID-19 outbreak situation, it’s a difficulty that many companies will now have to face. If one of your CAD technicians is unavailable and you have urgent steel detailing drawings you need doing, why not hire one of our expert technicians to tide you over?

A tap you can turn off or on as needs must

It’s always possible to go to an employment agency to hire someone on a temporary basis. The problem is though that these guys often need continual work – not a temporary fill-in situation. If you hire one of our technicians, however, on a part-time basis, the duration will be entirely down to you. It’s like a tap that you can turn off or on when you need it.

Some businesses take the line of training one of their employees to handle the odd bit of CAD work as and when it crops up. The problem though is that good CAD drawing work is a very specific skill. When you train someone up but only use them on occasion, they often have problems recalling the necessary skills. But when it comes to steel detailing, this can be quite different.

Steel detailing is a specialised skill

Steel detailing or drafting is a specialised skill. It’s not something you can pick up, not use for a while, and then expect to get perfect results after a long lay-off. You have to bear in mind too that steel detailing is not just drawing pictures. Yes, you might want a 3D model drawing, but again, this calls for a very particular set of skills.

Steel detailing is precision work. The drawings that are created will be used by manufacturers to make things, and by installers to fit them together. If the drawings are not 100% correct or accurate, the results further on down the line could be catastrophic. It’s simply not worth risking it by using someone who is not completely au-fait with what is required.

Do you have the right equipment?

The other thing you have to consider is having the right equipment. To do a proper, accurate CAD drawing, a technician requires a CAD workstation. They are not cheap. They are considerably more expensive than an office PC. In addition, a standard PC won’t have the necessary software, and even if it does have something – is it good enough?

You might think about buying the appropriate software to get you out of a hole. However, that is an expensive solution which could easily end up costing you money that runs into five figures. It may simply not be justifiable.

3D modelling

If the drawing work you need carrying out is for part of a building project, the chances are that you will have to have steel detailing work done. Steel detailing is required when the drawing content relates to steel fabrications. It involves the creation of a 3D CAD model, and this in itself requires special software such as Tekla, or Advanced Steel.

Only once the 3D model has been drawn, can a clear, precise drawing be created to enable any steel fabrication work to take place.

Steel calculations and connection design

When the drawing work is part of a construction project, the parts being drawn are likely to be components of an assembly. This means that connections have to be designed carefully, and calculations have to be made regarding the transference of forces between the sections. It is not something for which a part-time CAD technician is likely to be qualified.

How Restoric Design can help

If you hire a part-time CAD technician from Restoric Design, that technician will be a fully qualified, experienced professional. He/she will have the appropriate workstation and software to carry out the work correctly. Also, if steel calculations are necessary, the technician will either be able to do it him/herself or will have access to someone in Restoric Design who can.

If you have steel detailing work that needs to be done on a part-time basis, come to Restoric Design. We can offer you a CAD technician as and when you need – fully qualified, experienced, and who can hit the floor running.

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