No matter what construction project you are about to begin, if steel detailing is required, it is essential you find and collaborate with the right steel detailing company. If you choose to work with an inexperienced, or unprofessional company, you could be putting your entire construction project at risk. Below we list some top tips for finding the right steel detailing company…

1. Look at their portfolio

Any reputable steel detailing company should be more than happy to show their work to you and share their portfolio. If a company is unable or unwilling to talk about their past experience with you, they should be avoided at all costs. If a company refuses to share their portfolio it is probably because their past work is unsatisfactory or they are lying about what previous experience they have.

2. Ask what software they use

Will the company be able to provide 3D CAD models and drawings of their steel detailing plans? It is essential you choose to work with a company that not only has access to the latest software but the knowledge of how to use it properly. A reliable steel detailing business will have access to multiple types of CAD software and select the right platform to create drawings that suit your individual requirements.

3. Check their referrals

The best way to get an accurate sense of what a company is like to work with is to speak to their past clients. A steel detailing company who is confident about their work should willing to put you into contact with past clients. If you are able to speak to past clients, aside from asking about a company’s quality of work, ensure you ask about what the company was like to work with and how well they communicated with the client.

To take this one step further, you may also wish to ask for employee referrals, to get a true sense of what it is like to work with the steel detailing company.

4. Ask about their flexibility

Every construction project is unique. Steel detailing companies should not offer a one-size-fits-all service, but should instead collaborate with you to create a custom service plan. For example, you may require steel detailing services as a one-off or you may wish to hire a CAD technician on a part-time basis. No matter what your requirements are, a steel detailing company should be ready and willing to tailor their services to you.

5. See if they meet all the relevant rules and regulations

Following construction codes and regulations is not only essential to ensure your construction project is stable, but it also ensures the safety and protection of all construction workers on your site. A steel detailing company must have extensive knowledge of all rules and regulations associated with steel detailing and prove their quality processes are certified under ISO 9001. If you choose to work with a company who does not have this expert knowledge, you risk completing a construction project that is unsafe or not fit for use. This is why it is essential to take the time to carefully select steel detailing services.

Contact Restoric Design

If you are searching for professional, high-quality steel detailing services, look no further than Restoric Design. We are one of the leading steel detailing and CAD drawing companies in the UK and we utilise our expertise and experience in every project we take on. For more information about who we are, our past projects and clients, or even to read our employee referrals, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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