Steel detailing is a core aspect of modern construction. Without it, the vast majority of building projects would never break ground, and a significant number of building firms would collapse in very little time. However, this is a very important process that very few people know of and even fewer truly understand. Here is what steel detailing is, how it’s done, and why it needs to be perfect every time.

What is steel detailing?

Put simply, steel detailing is the process of designing the steel superstructure of buildings, advising just how many and which steel beams, braces, girders and even handrails are needed to complete the project. It is a highly important process, as plenty of projects have shown that if you break ground on a building site whilst not having a thorough plan in place, you’ll go well over budget, take a lot longer than you would otherwise need to and ultimately might not end up with what was envisioned at the start of the project.

How is steel detailing done?

The majority of steel detailing work is done using Computer-Aided Design (or CAD) programs. The primary program for steel detailing work is Tekla Structures, which has become a leading design program due to its intricacy and ability to envision large-scale projects.

The process itself starts with a commission, or a specific request to fulfill the steel detailing requirements of a specific building. No matter how detailed the plans (although the more thorough the better), steel detailing can be completed to a level that allows for a better understanding of the cost and material requirements of completing the project in a reasonable timeframe. It only takes certain specifications to get started, but a request can be highly detailed if required to account for more complex building projects.

What high-quality steel detailing can do

A good steel detailing job isn’t to be ignored, as it can make the building phase of your project orders of magnitude easier. A perfect job will lead to just the right amount of materials for project completion, which will come in on time (since you won’t need to order additional materials to complete the project) and within the recommended budget. An ideal steel detailing job is one that you don’t even notice since it allows everything to take place without any issues.

What happens if there are mistakes?

If you use a sub-standard steel detailing service, you could end up with plans that aren’t appropriate for the building at hand. A simple mistake such as a scaling issue could lead to the budget of your building being inadequate by a significant amount, or you could end up with a number of materials that are too few to complete the project or so many that you break through your budget and end up bankrupt by the end of the project. Even a single missing handrail could cause issues, as someone falling down those stairs will lead to insurance claims and ultimately, a large payout. Whilst good steel detailing job goes unnoticed, even the smaller errors show up and can cause major issues.

If you’re soon to undertake a major construction project, you’ll need a high-quality steel detailing service in order to ensure everything runs smoothly and under budget. If this is a service you’re interested in, get in touch with Restoric Design today. Our friendly team of experts will be able to give you a quote and guide you on the next step forward for your construction project.

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