Steel is both a versatile and incredibly durable material, making it extremely popular in both commercial and residential construction projects. The other benefits of structural steel frame construction include, but are not limited to:

Steel is eco-friendly

Steel is made primarily from recycled materials, and at the end of its lifespan, it can be recycled once again because when it is melted down and recast, it does not lose any of its core properties, such as strength and durability. When compared with other building materials, steel is also extremely energy efficient. The connections between prefabricated and high-quality steel parts are so precise that when additional insulation is fitted, it is comfortable and airtight to ensure that the building is completely sealed. Cool steel roofing products can also increase energy savings by reducing solar heat gain.

Faster build times

Computer-assisted manufacturing of repetitive floor plates and standardised bolt connections speeds up the construction process while regulatory policies and standardisation have made components of structural steel easy to erect and dependable. Steel frames are prefabricated away from the site to make sure that they fit certain specifications before being transported to the construction area. After they are sent to the site, they are ready to be assembled straight away by welding or bolting the pieces together, unlike concrete frames that need to be cured before they can be assembled. With structural steel framing, a temporary framework isn’t required, further cutting down the construction time and reducing waste.


Because steel frames are fabricated off-premises, the amount of on-site labour required can be dramatically reduced, cutting down costs and reducing the risk of accidents. Faster construction times also reduce interest payments and financing costs, which means that the property can be rented or used as soon as possible for faster repayments. Due to the durability of steel, the cost of replacements and repairs can also be significantly reduced. Cheaper premium insurance may also be offered for structural steel structures due to their unique ability to withstand natural disasters, pests and decay.


The strength and durability of structural steel frames make them resistant against natural phenomena such as seismic activity, snow and strong winds. Steel’s non-combustible quality also makes it more resistant than most other materials in man-made emergencies such as fire or explosions. However, unlike concrete, for example, the strength of steel can be compromised under extremely high temperatures. The flexibility of concrete, however, is limited, and so it needs to be reinforced with steel to increase its tensile strength.


Steel is renowned for being incredibly versatile. It can yield wood-like siding and shingle-like roofing patterns and can be moulded into any shape, which makes it a popular option for residential construction projects. With structural steel, designers and architects have more freedom to be creative with their designs while ensuring that the building they construct is resilient and safe. The durability of steel is central to creating versatile designs such as indoor arenas, warehouses, aeroplane hangers, agricultural buildings and skyscrapers. The flexible and versatile qualities of steel are also used in the residential sector in conjunction with other materials such as concrete and timber.

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