As a popular choice of education for many, the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) industries are fast becoming inundated with jobs of every kind. Because of this recent influx of funding and saturation of career paths, it can be hard to decide where to focus your efforts, whether you’re fresh out of college or a STEM veteran looking for a change of direction.

Here at Restoric Design, we’re passionate about the steel detailing services we offer to clients across the country and believe more people should be looking to the job as a viable choice. And there are many reasons to do so! Here are just a few – but there are many, many more.

To push your STEM boundaries

Steel detailing isn’t an easy job. It requires precision, accuracy, and astounding attention to detail at all times. Failing to do so could result in project delays, on-site accidents, or more resources, time, and money being needed to cover up mistakes.

Not only this, but a background in some form of STEM education is also required, whether it be through school or years of demonstratable hands-on experience. At the very least, you should have an understanding of steel erection, strong maths skills, up-to-date knowledge of the latest industry regulations, basic engineering knowledge, and the ability to communicate well.

All of the above skills are key for being successful in steel draughting – but if STEM is a passion of yours, it’s well worth it.

To collaborate with like-minded individuals

Steel detailing is far from an isolated job. You’ll likely have to collaborate with an extensive team of people, from your contractors (whether you’re a permanent staff member or working on a freelance basis) all the way through to architects and engineers. This is why good communication skills are essential to succeeding in a steel detailing job.

Steel detailing is definitely a great choice of STEM career for those that enjoy discussing and collaborating on their project with others. Of course, be mindful that compromises will have to be made sometimes, both on others’ ends and yours – but that’s the case with any job. As long as the plans drawn up are safe and law-abiding, any compromise is worth it.

To have a hand in the most pioneering projects

The world of construction and architecture is pushing itself now more than ever. Exciting buildings are being proposed all the time, with plans steadily being created and edited for construction to begin. Pursuing a successful career in steel drafting could enable you to have a hand in designing some of the most revolutionary projects around the world.

And you would have one of the most important parts! Steel detailing is an intricate process that ensures every measurement of steel erection is correct down to the millimetre. Your work guarantees the safety of workers and future visitors to whatever it is you’re helping to plan, and that’s a sense of pride that never fades away.

Just take it from us – here at Restoric Design, we take pride in every job we do, big or small. Steel detailing is one of our specialities and has been for over a decade since the company was established in 2007. Our work centres around a top-quality consistency between design and delivery, with plans being drawn up in a timely manner to the best standard possible.

To get in touch with a member of the Restoric Design team regarding enquiries, you can contact us today. Otherwise, browse our website to get a better understanding of our services and how we can aid in any construction project.

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