If you require the services of a CAD technician, but can’t justify hiring a full-time technician to join your team, you may wish to consider hiring a part-time CAD technician. In this blog post, we explore the role of a part-time CAD technician and explain the benefits of hiring a technician part-time.

Top signs that suggest your company could benefit from a part-time CAD technician

1. Your business currently employs CAD technicians full time but their workload is too high or they are repeatedly making mistakes that are harming the relationships you have built with your clients.

2. Regularly you require CAD drawings, but your business cannot support another full-time salary.

3. Your business has previously tried to train an employee in-house to complete CAD work but the employee struggled with the workload and could not produce high-quality, compliant CAD drawings as regularly or consistently as you needed.

4. Previously you have contacted a CAD freelancer or contractor, but they required continued work that your business was unable to offer.

5. Your business cannot currently afford to set-up a CAD workstation or the CAD software you require to produce high-quality CAD drawings.

What are the benefits of hiring a part-time CAD technician?

• Cost-effective

It is usually cheaper to hire a part-time CAD technician rather than employing a full-time technician in-house as you will only need to pay the part-time technician for the hours you need them and will not need to pay any upfront costs for a CAD workstation.

• Flexible

Unlike freelancers and contractors, part-time technicians can commit to part-time work and do not have any minimum contract length demands. This ensures you can hire a part-time technician no matter how long a project is

• Experienced

Rather than training an employee in-house, hiring a part-time technician is recommended as they will be able to supply all of the hardware and software necessary to complete CAD drawings, rather than a business having to pay for this equipment upfront.

• Support

A part-time CAD technician will be supported by an entire CAD team, and have access to CAD libraries. This will ensure that should they encounter a problem, they will be able to work with a team of CAD experts to help find a solution and complete their work as efficiently as possible.

• Efficient

A part-time CAD technician will be able to work on a schedule that suits you. For example, a part-time technician can visit your business on a weekly or fortnightly basis, and complete all the work you require during this visit.

• Mobile

Instead of cluttering your office with permanent hardware, a part-time CAD technician will work with a mobile work station that is pre-prepared with the equipment they need to complete their work. This not only ensures that a large portion of your office or place of work isn’t dominated by a part-time technician but also ensures when they arrive at your business they can begin their work straight away.

Contact Restoric Design to learn more

At Restoric Design, we offer part-time CAD services that truly offer the best of both worlds. Our part-time technicians will not only integrate with your team and deliver services based on a schedule that suits you, but they will also have the full support of Restoric Design behind them, so they are armed with the experience and knowledge of our entire workforce. This ensures our part-time consultants can deliver the most innovative and efficient CAD drawing services possible. If you have a business in London, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire and would like to enquire about our services, please contact us today.

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