Any architectural project involves the input of a huge range of specialists. A project simply couldn’t be successful without this level of expertise. Steel detailers are specialists whose role it is to provide fabrication drawings. These show how steel sections need to be constructed, as well as specifying information about how steel sections should be assembled.

High quality and reliable work is required from a steel detailer to ensure stability and safety. Inaccurate work could also lead to increased costs to rectify problems, potentially pushing the project over budget or past its deadline. In this post, we look at some areas of architecture where specialist steel detailing services are essential for success.

All types of staircases and ladders

Many architectural projects involve staircases or ladders of some description, be they internal staircases or emergency fire escape ladders. Steel staircases and ladders also come in many different formations, from spiral staircases to straight designs. All types of staircases and ladders must meet certain regulations; it’s therefore essential that they are accurately and professionally rendered by a steel detailer.

A structural steel drawing company can calculate the riser heights needed in the space in order to accurately size a ladder or staircase. At Restoric Design, we then use Advanced Steel software to generate a 3D CAD model of the structure. From this, we produce detailed fabrication drawings that give steel fabricators all the information they require to correctly fabricate and assemble the steel sections.

Steel detailing services are essential to ensure a staircase or ladder design that’s safe and stable, as well as being a correct fit for space. Inaccurate work at this stage can lead to delays and increased costs, so a dedicated structural steel drawing company is a must.

Steel balconies and platforms

It’s vital that balconies and raised access platforms are completely secure. Unstable platforms and balconies pose a genuine and serious risk to health and safety. Whether balconies are placed individually or your architectural design features stacked balconies, any type of raised area like this needs to have real stability and be put together with absolute precision.

Raised access platforms are usually supported by access ladders that, as with any other ladder or staircase, must adhere to specific regulations. When it comes to access platforms, both the platform itself and the supporting structures must be fully secure and compliant.

Using computer-aided design alongside architectural plans, a steel detailing service can generate fabrication drawings for balconies and raised platforms. This also takes into account the ladders and supporting structures that are part of a steel access platform.

Fabrication drawings are an essential step in making sure that steel balconies and platforms are safe parts of the architecture that meet all the necessary regulations. Restoric Design provides a detailed fabrication pack, including fabrication drawings that cover various views of the structure, as well as assembly details.

Choose specialist steel detailing services

It’s clear that you shouldn’t compromise on steel detailing if you want your project to be safe, within budget, and delivered on time. If you’re looking for the highest quality of steel detailing services and fabrication drawings for your architectural project, choose Restoric Design for our leading specialist work.

We’re experienced steel detailers and we work with Advanced Steel to create 3D CAD models. We go above and beyond to deliver exceptional services that help your project to be successful. In addition to the fabrication pack we offer as standard, we can provide additional lists of parts and other information as required. Contact us to discuss how we can assist your project with professional steel detailing work.

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