Great expertise in a wide range of areas is vital for the success of an architectural or building project, regardless of its size or nature. Steel detailers, whose role it is to create detailed fabrication drawings, are just one of the experts required for a successful outcome. Issues or inaccuracies with fabrication drawings can lead to serious consequences later down the line, so getting them right really is essential. In this blog post, we look at fabrication drawings in more detail and consider why they are so important.

What is the purpose of fabrication drawings?

Fabrication drawings provide plans and technical details for the construction of steel sections and structures. They’re an essential tool for steel fabricators and welders. Fabricators are responsible for cutting and shaping the steel elements of an architectural project, which are then assembled into the final structure by welders. A project’s steel elements could include parts like stairs, ladders, or balconies. The fabricator uses the fabrication drawings for information about the size and shape of the steel sections. Fabrication drawings also include details about how the sections should be assembled and may include instructions about the steel finish.

There are various types of fabrication drawings, and each has an important part in construction. General assembly drawings are comprehensive and include a variety of views of the structure, as well as drawings of the structure’s connections. Single part drawings provide detail about particular areas of the steel structure, especially those that are very intricate, and assembly or erection drawings indicate how the sections should be put together to successfully build the final structure.

At Restoric Design, we’re a specialist structural steel drawing company, and we go above and beyond to provide detailed fabrication drawings. We supply our clients with a fabrication pack as standard, complete with the required fabrication drawings. We can also supply additional information such as part lists. We offer a range of samples of our high quality fabrication drawings to view online.

What could go wrong?

Using professional steel detailing services is a must for any architectural work. A lot of things could go wrong if the fabrication drawings are incorrect, and these issues are both costly and time-consuming to resolve. This presents a real risk of a project going over budget or over its deadline.

Errors with fabrication drawings could lead to structures that are not of the right specifications. When this is the case, the structure will need to be disassembled and corrected. This costs the project time as well as money. Delays can also be caused by fabrication drawings that don’t provide enough detail about the materials required for the structure.

A steel structure that has been incorrectly assembled also poses a serious risk to safety. At worst, the structure could collapse and cause damage or injury. Quality fabrication drawings are an important tool for avoiding issues like this.

What if I need fabrication drawings for my project?

If you’re working on an architectural or building project that involves structural steel, it’s essential that you have high quality, accurate fabrication drawings. This will make work easier for your fabricators and help to ensure an end result that is safe, structurally sound, and passes quality checks.

The best solution is to choose specialist steel detailing services. Restoric Design are professional steel detailers, using Advance Steel to create fully compliant CAD models based on architect’s drawings. We then create detailed and accurate fabrication drawings, covering a wide variety of steel structures. If you need high-quality steel detailing services for your project and want to outsource fabrication drawing work to knowledgeable specialists, get in touch with us today.

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