Steel detailing is often discussed in relation to the design and preparation of steel structures and buildings, but what is talked about less is how important the work of a steel detailer is in relation to site shutdowns. Steel detailers prepare shop drawings and 3D models of steel elements for steel fabricators and erectors prior to construction, but they also offer their services throughout the entire lifecycle of a structure. Let’s take a look at what steel detailers do, and how this work extends well beyond the construction phase of a project.

From inception to construction

The steel detailers’ work begins at the planning and design stage when steel detailers construct drawings for use by steel fabricators which include details of the dimension and fabrication of steel elements. Steel detailers also work on designs prior to construction, to ensure that all steel elements are assembled safely and correctly by the construction team on the field. Many people might think that a steel detailer’s job ends here, but in fact, steel detailers are integral to all parts of the steel lifecycle, from engineering, fabrication, and construction all the way through to maintenance and asset management.

How can steel detailers help in site shutdowns?

Structural steel detailers are essential during site shutdowns, in order to ensure that teardown can occur safely and with minimal disruption to surrounding structures and operations. It is the responsibility of the steel detailer to produce highly detailed animations and drawings which, just as these drawings can assist in steel erections, can assist in site shutdowns. Structural steel detailing will reduce schedule slippage as well as safety risks, making sure that all details are covered and that all operations are ended safely. This work can also aid in asset management, ensuring that all elements and equipment is removed from the site and stored in an organised and systematic way.

How does steel detailing improve site safety?

Steel detailing and 3D modelling can be used to coordinate field tasks remotely, as well as in creating virtual tours of plants and facilities for the purposes of training staff and ensuring that all employees know their way around a site before the work begins. 3D modelling and animations mean that much of the training that usually occurs onsite can now take place remotely, which in turn means that by the time staff set foot onsite they’re already aware of many safety protocols and responses.

Is steel detailing integral to all site shutdowns?

Whether a steel detailer is needed for your site shutdown will depend very much on the scale of your operation, though steel detailing services are needed at some point in the cycle of constructions of small, medium, and large scales. A steel detailer’s job is incredibly important, and without it, steel constructions and fabrications would be unsafe and unreliable. Work with your steel detailer to ensure that you know how long you will require their services for and your steel detailer should be able to make it clear to you where their services can help.

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