As every seasoned architect and professional structural engineer knows, the quality of a structure’s steel detailing can make or break a project. The process of detailing requires almost 100% accuracy, with even minute errors costing a significant amount of time and money.

Steel detailing is one of the most important processes in all types of construction projects including commercial and residential properties, ships, warehouses and factories. Whatever the nature of the project, it’s vital that managers enlist the help of engineers with impeccable CAD drawing abilities and a commitment to accuracy. This will reduce the chances of errors and delays.

The best way to find top-quality engineers is to outsource your steel detailing services. Expert steel companies such as Restoric Design only employ construction professionals with high-quality degrees in civil and structural engineering, ensuring they come equipped with the expertise and experience necessary to carry out perfect structural steel detailing.

Professional structural design teams are very effective when it comes to overcoming complex design problems with innovative solutions. Equipped with expertise in detailing, drafting and designing, talented steel detailers will go to great lengths to make your project a success. Most design teams also boast combined knowledge and experience across a range of fields including structural engineering, mechanical design, electrical engineering, civil engineering, and plumbing.

So, what are the key benefits of outsourcing steel detailing services?

Do you still need a little convincing about outsourcing your steel drawing and detailing? Let’s break down the primary benefits:

1. You’ll save time

Drawing up intricate designs can be time-consuming. Outsourcing your detailing services ensures that the rest of your workers can get on with other tasks.

2. You’ll receive high-quality drawings

Steel detailing is a vital part of any construction project, whether you’re working on a bridge, residential home or large-scale industrial structure. Unless one of your team already possesses excellent knowledge of how to use 3D drawing software, outsourcing is the only way to secure the high-quality drawings you need. Without them, your contractor may not know how to proceed with the project.

3. You’ll save money

Hiring a steel detailing service can be much more cost-effective than keeping everything in-house. As well as saving money on hiring an engineer, you will not have to purchase pricey CAD software.

4. You will benefit from the latest technologies

The world of structural engineering is constantly in flux, with new technologies and design tools hitting the market every day. By outsourcing your steel detailing services, you can rest assured that the people working on your project will use the latest and most precise technologies to maximise your chances of success.

5. You will receive detailed reports

CAD services such as Restoric Design offer high-quality reports generated by premier software programmes. Such reports include, but are not limited to, material summaries and gather sheets. Detailed reports are vital if you want to ensure all project workers know how to proceed with their tasks.

6. You will benefit from convenient services

Working with a third party will ensure your drawings are made available whenever and wherever you need them. Indeed, most steel detailing services offer convenient transfer systems that permit the exchange of large files swiftly and smoothly.

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