While less than 10% of dwellings in the UK have a balcony, as cited in the English Housing Survey, they’re a highly desirable feature. Recent research has shown that installing a balcony can increase your home’s market value by up to 12%, making it a worthwhile investment. However, have you considered how CAD steel detailing can benefit your balcony design?

In this post, we’re going to break down the benefits of professional steel detailing for your balcony and why our CAD services are the best route to enhancing your design.

What is CAD steel detailing?

Computer-aided design, or CAD, refers to digitised design services, where a computer helps with the design process. 3D CAD has taken over most elements of the steel drafting and fabrication process over the hand-drawn approach of the past in the steel industry. There are many benefits to using CAD for creating structural steel drawings, including:

  • Higher accuracy to your designs
  • Simplifies more intricate designs
  • Streamlines the design process
  • Clear to understand and alter designs with clients
  • Faster, more time efficient process

Why use steel for your balcony?

Balconies are more than just an aesthetic choice for your home; they add functional space for everything from al fresco dining to drying the washing. So, when designing your balcony, it is vital to consider the practicality and longevity of your balcony as well as the design.

As a versatile building material, steel can combine all these features into a single structure. From creating beautifully crafted balustrade drawings to adding strength to your balcony, steel is an excellent choice for any house or flat.

How steel detailing can benefit your balcony design

By combining CAD steel detailing services with your balcony design process, you can unlock a significant number of benefits. Here are a few of our favourite ways CAD steel detailing can enhance your balcony drawings and manufacture.

Personalised designs

By using an architectural steel drawing company, you can personalise your balcony to fit your space’s requirements and style. Along with size and shape, we can customise your steel balustrades to add a custom feel to your balcony, making your home unique to you. You can also choose the best type of balcony for your needs, including hung and stacked balcony designs.

Minimise costs

One of the most significant advantages of steel detailing is the reduced costs to your construction process. CAD designs remove many of the margins for error that human-drawn drafts are liable to, improving the accuracy of your balcony drawings for the manufacturing process. Moreover, steel is easy to transport and install, ensuring your installation process is fast and efficient.

Long-lasting structure

As your balcony sits outside in all weathers, it’s vital to ensure that your materials are hardwearing and durable. Steel structures can last for between 40-100 years on average, depending on external factors such as humidity and temperature. They are also resistant to rust and corrosion, making them ideal for your outdoor balcony. With a fabricated steel balcony, you can enjoy your custom design for years to come.

Contact Restoric Design today

If you’re planning on installing a balcony of your own, be sure to contact the expert structural steel drawing company at Restoric Design. Since our foundation in 2007, we have served hundreds of clients, helping their design ideas come to life. As specialists in 2D and 3D CAD designs across various industries, we have the expertise you need to turn your dream balcony design into a steel fabricated reality.

Get in touch today to get started on your balcony drawing.

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