If you’re considering hiring a custom design and engineering company for your next construction project, it’s important that you choose one that specialises in computer-aided design (CAD). CAD offers countless benefits for you and your business, so read on to learn the top 5 advantages of choosing a design and engineering company that utilises CAD software.

1. Improved design quality

The quality of your finished design may suffer if you can’t see the final result ahead of manufacturing. With CAD, you can review the engineering process from the very start, reducing the chances of costly mistakes. As CAD software is highly accurate, there is no room at all for human error. It also makes it easier for your design team and project planners to liaise with one another.

2. Communication takes place easily

If you design with CAD, you’ll be able to ensure that your supervisor or manager is always kept up to date. No matter where they are, they can access the CAD drawing and provide feedback or amends, ensuring everyone involved is on the same page throughout the entirety of the project.

As CAD automatically produces a range of documentation, you can easily justify your design ideas and decisions too, tracking any modifications to the design easily. This also ensures that every team member is on the same page before you build the prototype.  

3. A smooth design process

It’s much easier to visualise your end product when using CAD software as you can see it interacting and moving with the rest of the components that it’s going to be paired with. Not only will this help improve the productivity levels of any team, but it will also boost your profit margins because project completion times will be much faster.

4. Manufacturing database

CAD automatically produces documentation, helping to reduce conflict when it comes to manufacturing by ensuring every stage of the process can be tracked and reviewed at a later date if required. In turn, this enables your designers and project managers to work together, maintaining a log of all the necessary data without errors.

5. All your design data will be saved

If you hire designers from a different company, chances are their drawings won’t be saved permanently onto your database. This could be for a number of reasons, such as users getting locked out of your system or people moving on to new projects. With CAD software, you will get a copy of everything.

It’s important that you can revisit your designs at a later stage to add or tweak them. This will also be very helpful for your manufacturing team, who will be working to archive and make changes to projects. 

How do we utilise CAD here at Restoric Design?

At Restoric Design, we’re proud to offer quality multi-disciplinary CAD services. We also produce a range of different 3D CAD models and CAD drawings. These differ depending on the requirements of our clients and their applications. Our services also include fabrication drawings, manufacturing drawings and schematic drawings, which all use our extensive and specialist CAD software.

At Restoric Design, we have an expert team that has completed over 700 projects using CAD to date. With quality processes that are certified under ISO 9001, you can have peace of mind that we provide reliable and high-quality CAD services. Feel free to get in touch with our friendly team for a quote within 24 hours.

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