Structural steel detailing is an important part of modern construction and is used to help build robust and effective fabrication structures. It is a laborious process, however, which leaves many construction companies outsourcing this type of work to a third party. With so many different steel detailing outfits available, it can be hard to know which business to go with. This article offers some tips and advice that you can use to find the right structural steel detailing solution for your needs.

Inspect the companies training programs

When choosing a steel detailer, it is important to know that they can provide the work you need. To find that out, you can take a look at their in-house training programs to see what they include. Tekla skills will be an essential component of this, but things like detailing theory also hold significance.

Having a steel detailing company that is up to speed with the latest industry standards is essential, and their team should be well-versed in principles surrounding 3D modelling. Try to assess whether or not this company uses hands-on training while they work, as this can indicate competencies in a number of important areas. Real-world experience is a huge part of steel detailing, so make sure they know their stuff.

Check their procedures manual

A reputable steel detailer will be able to provide a comprehensive procedures manual that covers all areas of steel detailing. It should outline how they work, including things like base modelling and information management. It is a good idea to ask about how they coordinate their efforts with clients to see if their workflows can coincide well with your project. Understanding what their management framework looks like is important if anything does go wrong or plans change during the project.

Perform due diligence on their project history

If you are looking to understand the type of work that a steel detailer can provide your project, then their past projects are an excellent place to start. Take the time to perform due diligence on their past project to find out how they work and to make sure the projects that they have worked on were successful. You can also assess how suitable their experience is in reference to your project. Another great approach is to speak directly with past clients to see how the steel detailer performed.

Outline availability for the project and discuss schedules

Get to know the project manager of the steel detailing company you are looking at, as they will be your main channel of communication. Try to gauge the project manager’s schedule and make sure they will be available when you need them to be. A successful project often relies on clear, direct lines of communication, so this is important to consider when choosing a steel detailer.

Make sure they hold a valid Tekla licence

Tekla licences are an essential part of steel detailing in the construction industry, but unfortunately, there are forged Tekla licences flooding the market. A good indication that a steel detailer holds a falsified licence is their pricing – a legitimate steel detailer will cost a little bit more, but it is absolutely worth it.

A legitimate Tekla licence holder will be fully compliant in terms of software requirements and have access to Tekla’s support channels. Another big factor is that valid Tekla licence holders will have access to Tekla Model Share – a new and innovative detailing tool that makes it easier for detailers and fabricators to communicate and collaborate on a project.

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