Steel detailing is one of the most important processes in architecture. The steel infrastructure at the heart of your building is often what holds it up, protecting the property from whatever the elements can throw at it. By having inadequate steel detailing work, you can put the property at risk in the long term. Read on to find out some of the risks of poor steel detailing, and what a good steel detailer can mean for your construction project.

Unsafe structure

In extreme cases, steel detailing can lead to your construction project being extremely dangerous, both through the construction period and the time afterwards. Put simply, steel detailing is the planning and design of the steel superstructure in a building, using simulations and calculations to ensure that the building will be safe to live or work in.

In the case that your steel detailing isn’t up to the necessary standard, you run the risk of the building not being structurally sound. This can be due to either poor calculations of the loads that the building is expecting to need to withstand, or the structures not being designed correctly and thus being unable to hold the loads that the building is estimated to be able to withstand.

Lack of extrusions

This is less of a question of below-standard steel detailing and more of the steel detailer themselves not having confidence in their abilities to add an extrusion to the design. A new steel detailer should be able to create fabrication drawings that are ideal for your particular design briefs, however, one that is less confident may recommend not including extrusions such as a balcony or internal platform in the property.

Although this is less of a dangerous situation than that of a poorly designed steel structure, it still can cause issues for the long term value of your property. Balconies and similar structural decorations can add a lot of value to both the land and the building itself, and losing these aspects due to poor steel detailing is an avoidable mistake. Good steel detailing can guide you through the design process and let you know about alternatives to any design features they deem to be not possible.

Unattractive design

Where steel detailing is primarily a functional task, it is also one that can be used to enhance the design of a building. Good steel fabrication can ensure that structural strength is found where it needs to be and that any buildings with interesting design features such as spires or large towers are able to keep them.

Below-standard steel detailing services may instead focus on the purely functional side of the building. This will be in order to make sure that the building is structurally sound, which is an important factor of any construction project but may not make any allowances for design. By hiring a steel detailing company that is able to work closely with architects and designers, you can achieve the results you’ve been looking for by being able to build the design you’ve envisioned from the start.

Try Restoric Design

If you’re interested in high-quality steel detailing work for your next project, get in touch with the Restoric Design team today. Our experts have decades of years of experience in the field and can ensure that you get everything you need from your next project. From ambitious architectural projects to standard building structures, we can offer a thorough and comprehensive service that architects, clients and construction teams can rely on throughout the process.

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