Whether you’re working with a warehouse or a hotel, internal design features that are a part of the structure of the building can make a major difference. This is not just in relation to the look and feel of the structure, as these features can change the underlying functionality of a structure. Read on to learn more about some of the most common internal extrusions, and what they can do to change a space with the help of steel detailing.

It is important to note that steel detailing is key to all of these structures. Steel detailing is the process by which the design and loads of balconies and wider structures are calculated, and none of the below functions would be viable without effective steel detailing.

Workplace oversight

The first main function of a mezzanine floor is the ability for management to oversee the work being done in a factory or warehouse. A mezzanine acts as a floor between floors, and in a manual workplace means that supervisors and members of management staff have the opportunity to see the wider picture of how the workplace is functioning. Being in with employees can be a useful experience, but only offers a limited view of what is happening.

Furthermore, this is the primary role of a mezzanine as they are often not rated to hold significant weights. The steel detailing process prior to assembly sets out the exact weights the structure should hold, and for mezzanine floors, this is rarely enough to hold machinery. However, they remain perfect for management and supervisors to offer a greater level of efficiency to the workplace.

Premium seating

In locations such as concert venues, theatres and even hotels, you will often see extrusions from the main structure, offering views that are unavailable anywhere else in the property. For the entertainment industry, this is an excellent revenue opportunity, and once the structure’s steel detailing is complete you can sell as many tickets as possible whilst retaining the safety of the building.

Balconies offer excellent opportunities to present new and exciting views of events, shows and musical acts, so failing to implement one in your structure could significantly worsen the viewer experience and starve your company of an additional revenue source.

Additional office space

Steel detailed structures don’t need to be limited to little additions and design features on a property. Instead, you can ask your steel detailers if you can engage in a far more adventurous strategy of installing further office space. In a property such as a warehouse you will need as much floor space as possible, so having offices on the ground isn’t ideal. As an alternative, you could look into a raised steel structure in which you can house your offices.

This may require more work and due diligence than a balcony, working in tandem with steel detailing and architecture experts, but being able to set up a structure inside your warehouse without sacrificing vital floor space is key to a more efficient warehouse or factory. Your team can work entirely without interruption with the management staff able to focus on their work without being right next to the hustle and bustle of a warehouse.

Try Restoric Design

If you’re interested in making use of all of the space in your building and need a team to complete the structural steel drawings to make it happen, get in touch with Restoric Design. Our experts are happy to offer a thorough service that gives you peace of mind once your extrusions are constructed. Give us a call to find out more, and learn what we can do for you.

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