When you own a warehouse or any other large, industrial building, you’ll want to make sure that you make the most of the space you own. A mezzanine is an optimum solution, creating additional space that sits halfway between your current floor and ceiling.

In an industrial setting, it’s wise to install a mezzanine constructed from steel (rather than wood or concrete) for a number of reasons (as we’ll go on to discuss). Crucially, it’s essential that you enlist professional steel detailing services when considering a mezzanine. Let’s delve in.

Always choose a steel mezzanine

When you’re planning a mezzanine, you’ll be aware of three primary choices: steel, wood and concrete. While wood and concrete are hardy materials that look aesthetically pleasing, for true industrial functionality that requires very low maintenance, steel is the only material to choose.

In addition to little maintenance, a steel mezzanine guarantees superior durability and strength, complete moisture resistance (ideal if your business centres on a manufacturing process), and can also be bought for a comparably low cost, as its form is in its function rather than in a need to look attractive.

With the material choice decided, you need to enlist the services of a structural steel drawing company to ensure you get a quality result that lasts for years to come.

What happens if I don’t engage with steel detailing services?

Put simply, steel detailers simplify construction processes! If you’ve already had construction works on your commercial site, you’ll know the intricacies of the process, as as well as providing the necessary solution, you’ll have to adhere to health and safety codes and regulations to ensure the ongoing safety of your workers and general operations. Without engaging with an architectural steel drawing company, you’ll have to establish a construction process yourself, without necessarily having the time or insight to build a mezzanine suitable for its intended use.

For example, if you require a mezzanine for heightening your storage capacity, then you’ll need to guarantee that your steel mezzanine has more than sufficient load-bearing capacities. The process of structural steel drawing services will break your requirements down bit-by-bit, ticking your boxes as well as any industry safety requirements, for a secure build.

Why structural steel drawings are necessary for mezzanines:

– It’s detail-oriented

A 3D CAD Model of your planned mezzanine ensures that nothing will be missed in terms of suitability for your mezzanine’s intended use. For example, if you have the square footage and height to incorporate a two-storey mezzanine, then appropriate amendments can be made to include this after a consultation. This will then be advanced to a comprehensive Fabrication Pack, pending your approval, ensuring your mezzanine is fully specified down to bolts and material.

– Project management is simplified

It’s likely that your business output will be ongoing around mezzanine planning and construction, so by outsourcing to a structural steel detailing company, you can consult with them at every stage of the process to guarantee minimal disruption to your day-to-day runnings. This minimises delay and keeps you fully informed. A fixed-price quote will also allow you to effectively budget, without having to take an unexpected hit from additional hours taken to complete.

Choose Restoric Design for your mezzanine construction

Restoric Design’s structural steel drawing processes are designed around your business, so whether you’re looking for a balcony, balustrade or mezzanine for your warehouse, it’s worth getting in touch with us for a full quote. We have years of experience in industrial mezzanine construction, so you can place your total confidence in us for a mezzanine that ticks your boxes.

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